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So much good stuff today! :D

Three Good Things For Today

  1. Issue four page five done and uploaded to the server and posted to the Patreon page. It's got SO MUCH ROXIE. <3

  2. Yummy, yummy pizza! :d

  3. I really enjoyed the State of the Union Address, which is something I never thought I'd hear myself say for the first 30+ years of my life.

  4. Bonus Good Thing! Had a lot of creative ideas for writing and merchandise, and captured them in my journal.

  5. Bonus Good Thing! Had a very nice comment from a reader: "This comic needs more fans. I need to get you more fans." That's an agenda I can get behind! :D

  6. Bonus Good Thing! [ profile] lythandra got a job call today. While it wasn't the right position, the fact that she's getting calls on an almost-daily basis is very heartening for our prospects.

  7. Bonus Good Thing! Snow! W00t!

  8. Bonus Good Thing! Heard a new song I really dug!

    I suspect this may be a cover. I will investigate the lineage of the song later.

Alas, it wasn't all awesomeness; [ profile] axiomaxiom and [ profile] cargoweasel were informed today that their kitty is almost certainly suffering from terminal cancer. If you're a friend of theirs, please send good thoughts and love their way.

Three Goals For Tomorrow

  1. Clean up the bedroom (finally)

  2. Make progress on (or dare I think even finish) Karma's commish!

  3. See Hitchcock and Truffaut at Alamo

And now, it's bedtime. G'nite world, and have an awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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-The Gneech

PS: Bonus vid! Fred Astaire, 71 years old, still showin' 'em how it's done. (Skip to about 3:04 unless you really care about the Oscars of 1970.)

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Yoinked from The Nerdist, Danny Elfman and Steve Bartek perform "Dead Man's Party" for the first time in 20 years (to the day).

Time marches on... to the beat of a different drummer.

-The Gneech
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Today was largely an exercise in keepin' on keepin' on. Got some more progress on the second draft of my novel, did a shift at Starbucks, then came home and finished of Legend of Korra. I might do an extended discussion of that at some point later, but the tl;dr version is "It's a good series that is occasionally great, but never quite reaches the same level of extended awesomeness as the first series."

Finished off the evening with a meditation; after a somewhat bumpy start where I kept getting distracted by noises around the house or needing to shift, I eventually settled in. My original plan was to try to focus on some "law of attraction"-style meditation on the topic of [ profile] lythandra's job hunt, but that wasn't really getting me anywhere, so I simply started focusing on all the things I was grateful for... and wow, did the floodgates open. O.o I just went on a long stream of consciousness, thanking the Universe, or God, or my higher self, or whatever the Great Unknown is, for everything I could think of. Laurie, the cats, my job, my neighbors, old friends, new friends, family members, people I haven't thought about in years, the Twitterponies, Kerry, FrostDemn, the ability to feel joy again, the ability to feel pain again, the opening of my heart and my mind and my soul, I just went nuts with it. By the end, I was a mess, with tears streaming down my face, but very happy.

So now I'm off to bed, but it was a good day. :) If you are reading this, consider yourself hugged, and thanked. ;)

Three Good Things For Today

  1. Legend of Korra

  2. Getting some writing done.

  3. Mind-blowing transcendent joy. ;)

Three Goals for Tomorrow

  1. MOAR writing!

  2. D&D prep: I'd sure like to be able to run this weekend!

  3. Just relaxing a bit.

And finally, as a reward for your patience, have a blast from the past that has been randomly haunting my memory all week:

Good night, world, and have an awesome tomorrow. I love ya. :)

-The Gneech
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Awwwww yeah!

An AMV a day keeps the blues away. :)

-The Gneech
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They say that celebrity deaths come in threes, and this round seems to have been Leonard Nimoy, Terry Pratchett, and Gene Patton, better known to the world as Gene, Gene, the Dancing Machine.

I actually thought that Gene Patton had already died, having been victim of one of those celebrity death urban legends that plague otherwise intelligent people. One part of the legend was sadly true: namely that he had lost his legs to diabetes, a cruel irony to befall one of pop culture's favorite dancers.

Note that I say "favorite" dancers, rather than "greatest" or "most accomplished" or whatever. From a technical or artistic standpoint, Gene Gene was nothing to write home about. He had one job: to shuffle around to "Jumpin' at the Woodside," occasionally tossing up a fist at flourishes in the music, in later seasons having all manner of junk thrown at him. But the thing about Gene was that he simply shined joy from every pore while he danced. He was the dancing everyman, lost in the moment, not caring a bit if he looked silly, being ridiculously happy at just being able to dance, causing everyone around him to join in because how could you not? His dancing, if not artistic on the surface, was still the purest form of the art at its core.

Farewell Gene. You brought joy into the world for many, many people, and nobody can have a higher legacy than that.

-The Gneech
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Warning, some bits may be NSFW. Take the bad with the good.

-The Gneech

PS: Bonus pony dance.

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...when OK Go was four guys dancing around in somebody's back yard?

-The Gneech
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And you know what that means!

Dance, Wednesday, dance!

-The Gneech
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Stupid embed code stupid not stupid working.

There should be two videos here.

Clicky here 'til I can fix it:

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Steam Powered Giraffe having way too much fun at a convention.

-The Gneech
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You know what you doing. Take off every zig.

-The Gneech
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-The Gneech
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Sinfest, by Tatsuya Ishida

Does he never get tired of knocking it out of the park?

-The Gneech, knows a master when he sees one
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Awwwwwww yeah.

-The Gneech, guest-starring Jack Burton on the theramin, bay-bee
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-The Gneech
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It's a bright beautiful morning full of sunshine, so DANCE, FURRIES, DANCE!

(table removed, malware found :P )

-The Gneech

PS: Sorry if I broke your Friends page. If only this had been posted to Tumblr! ;P
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It's Friday morning! I'm in an awesome mood! That means-- DANCING TIME!

Awwwwwwwwww yeah!

-The Gneech
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c/o KensterFox.


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