Apr. 18th, 2019 06:16 pm
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Source: by Sonek aka Riko-Teki.

No title, so I called it Cookies.
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After checking Historica Canada, it turns out that yesterday marked an anniversary: the day that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms came into effect in Canada in 1982.

Long live the Charter.

Astronomy: The Struve Catalogue(s)

Apr. 17th, 2019 07:16 pm
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Looking at this entry on Wikipedia at the moment:

That's the profile they currently have on the guy whose binary-star catalogue listings got prefixed as "Σ" when cited in articles in Astronomy, Sky and Telescope and Deep Sky Quarterly going back to my teenage years. I don't pretend to know all the star catalogues that have ever been published, and I doubt that I ever will. Even in this age of Wikipedia and SIMBAD.

But, while re-reading My Enemy, My Ally once more, I note that one of the "landmarks" of the story is a system catalogued as "Σ 285 Trianguli". And I find that SIMBAD doesn't really keep track of which stars were known by Struve catalogue numbers these days for whatever reason(s), but if there's a way to nail down which catalogues' listings the star is known by these days...?

Oh. If you're interested, here's the catalogue prefixes that Wikipedia currently knows to keep track of:

Books I'm Reading Whilst Job-Hunting

Apr. 17th, 2019 10:12 am
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Uncompromising Honor by David Weber. Which I've finished an initial read-through of, but going back to specific passages for effect and clarification now.


My Enemy, My Ally by [personal profile] dduane. The first of her "Rihannsu" novels for the Star Trek: TOS line. A lot of stuff's been set aside by the TV and movie people, but as an espionage/adventure/space opera yarn, it still holds up over 30 years later.

So do Articles of the Federation and A Singular Destiny, both by Keith R.A. DeCandido.

More later...

Favorite Minor Character?

Apr. 17th, 2019 08:03 am
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Who is your favorite minor character in the show so far? I'm not talking about Scorpia or Entrapta, but like Kyle and Castaspella--characters that are so ridiculously minor that you don't really ever think about them.

Personally, I really love Rogelio. His character design is just really nice and like the vibes he gives off as a strong silent protector. He hasn't said anything in the show so far, but we consistently see him take care of Kyle in the background of scenes and he seems like a formidable fighter and soldier on his own. I also really like Lonnie. We don't get much of her, but she seems like s dedicated character who believes in the Horde's cause. Her anger towards Adora in the break out episode where she says, “We were your friends” was really powerful and it makes me intrigued to know more about her and her relationship with Adora.

I'm also really interested in Hordak. He isn't on my favorites list, but I've heard that he is going to have a much more prominent role in S2 so I won't be surprised if he ends up making it on there. He just seems like a really formidable and terrifying villain and I'm really looking forward to seeing what he does that can challenge the protagonists in interesting ways.

Over all, I'm really interested to learn more about the Horde characters. The Horde was Adora's family and I want to learn more about the relationship she had with her squad and what type of people there are. And Hordak is likely going to be the final villain--unless Catra defeats him and goes full dark-- so I am really excited to learn more about his character and his backstory.


Apr. 15th, 2019 05:36 pm
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In addition to the news about Notre Dame de Paris and Gene Wolfe...Owen Garriott of Skylab 3 and STS-9 is no more.

My source for the info:

Bi-weekly Roundup Post

Apr. 15th, 2019 08:20 pm
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New posting time and new routine, maybe.

What is everyone watching/reading/playing/etc. right now? New season started recently - anything caught your eye? Wanting to talk about the series that just ended? Revisiting a favorite or just catching up on your backlog? Looking for recommendations? This is the post!

"For The Honor" RPG

Apr. 15th, 2019 06:46 am
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Some of you may recall the April Fools prank that one person played where they announced an Official She-Ra TTRPG on Twitter. Well, obviously that was not true and an official RPG has yet to be created. However, many fans are making their own She-Ra RPG and one creator now has their game released in beta. The fangame is more inspired by She-Ra than actually based on it--as it takes place in a new setting and world. But for fans of She-Ra and RPG, it could be an exciting game. I don't know much about RPGs so I can't guarantee its quality, but just look it up and see if it interests you.

For The Honor is a GM-less narrative RPG based on Firebrands and inspired by She-Ra, created by [ profile] Mx_quinn. It's described to be an “RPG about magical princesses making messy alliances and powerful friendships” on its Twitter profile, [ profile] ForTheHonorRPG. The game is still in beta, but it is available for download on for $7.00 USD.

Athera is a land full of magical people, fantastical beasts, and mystical kingdoms. It is studded with ancient ruins left behind by a long lost civilization. It had always been a peaceful realm.

That was until about twelve years ago when the Legion came down from the stars and began to colonize the planet. Their expansion was swift and brutal. Caught on the back foot, the kingdoms of Athera gathered all of their most powerful magic users—called Princesses—and forged the first Princess Accord. Unified, they were successful in beating the Legion back to their stronghold. Sadly, their final assault ended in tragedy. The Princess Accord shattered and the Kingdoms turned to isolation.

It has been twelve years, and a new generation of princesses is beginning to see the need for another Accord. The Legion has been attacking towns again. The Kingdoms are sending out dance invitations. And the Tangled Woods have been getting stranger and stranger.
You, the princesses and warriors of factions at odds, will fight, quarrel, and flirt in your efforts to sway Athera in your favor.

Closing Out Another Sunday

Apr. 14th, 2019 08:36 pm
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Cleaning up some iPhoto archives tonight after re-watching Star Trek: Discovery.

Yes, I know that Apple's moved on to Photos now. I have a machine with that software loaded up. I seem to recall some issues with maintaining control over the photos I've taken and dumped from my cameras into my MacBook Pro over the years, so I'm leaving the archive in said MBP for now. If I'm remembering incorrectly, please explain what mistake I've made.

Also, I still want to upgrade the RAM and hard drive on the slightly newer MacBook-that-isn't-Pro before I move said picture archives to that machine. I've been advised by several friends in my User Group to want to switch that machine from HD to SSD, but I'm (still) skeptical about the value of the trade-offs there.

I can't afford to buy the newest gear every couple of years, and Apple management's not making it easier for me with their growing desire to minimize the ability of owners to customize our gear once we buy it.
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Title: what you leave behind ( and what you take with you )
Hunter x Hunter
Genre: Gen (Kite-centric)
Rating: Teen/PG-13
Word count: approx. 2.25k
Warnings: character death/talk of death
Summary: What they don’t understand is that every roll is a bad roll in the end. 
( reflections on a life of borrowed time, of searching for meaning, of trying to find salvation in all the wrong, and sometimes some of the right, places )

( READ @ AO3 )

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