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Aug. 28th, 2017 02:23 pm
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In a mood today. Trying to focus and make myself move and do stuff, but the inertia is strong with this one. Brain keeps throwing stuff at me to try to demotivate, to which I'm just like, "Brain, what is your deal? What do you GET out of this?"

So far, my brain has not given me an answer to that question, which I find curious. Most psychological quirks, if you drill down far enough, are based in pretty primal stuff– from the basic fear for personal safety, to fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of change, etc. So my usual assumption, when my only obstacle is myself, is to try and figure out what it is that my psyche is afraid of. Or, to put it more charitably, what it's trying to protect me from.

And... I can't find a definitive answer. But I have a few suspicions.

Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away
Earlier this weekend, I discovered that Overwatch is gutting Mercy. I mean, mathematically it's a net buff, but they are removing her signature ability because it "frustrates" poor little manbabies DPS players to have their "hard work" of killing the enemy team be "undone." Whatever this new thing is, it is not Mercy as we've come to know and love her.

Just... WTF, Overwatch.

On the grand scale of things, this is supremely unimportant. It's just a friggin' videogame. But dammit, I was having a lot of fun with Overwatch. And I was having a lot of fun with Mercy. I started a whole YouTube series about it, for cryin' out loud. The changes are arguably going to make her "more powerful," but it comes at the cost of losing her iconic ability and turning her into this whole other thing.

It is not exaggerating to say that this change, if it goes through, will probably cause me to part ways with Overwatch. Not in a ragequit, but because if they're willing to throw away something that has been a defining moment from day one over something so ridiculous, then every emotional investment in the game is built on a foundation of sand. So... what's the point?

If that happens, Overwatch will get tossed on the "Now you're just a franchise that I used to love..." pile, along with Star Trek and so many others. So many things that used to fire up my geeky heart, that now just get a shrug, either because they have been morphed away from what made them cool in the first place (Star Trek, to some extent My Little Pony), or because they've simply run their course and have nothing more to say (Star Wars is a big one here).

But this phenomenon, combined with six years of close friends and family members dropping like flies, followed up by losing our house and watching the country lose its bloody mind, have left me in a place where it's very hard to get interested and excited in things– because there's every reason to think that everything I love will either get fucked up or just plain destroyed.

Some Days Are Better Than Others
Back in February I posted about feeling more like my old self, and there are times when I do. But there are also nights when I try to keep from crying myself to sleep because I miss Buddha. The problem is that it's hard to keep momentum. On nights like that (and days like today), I switch over to willpower and push myself onward out of sheer stubbornness, but that gets exhausting.

I think that, more than anything, is probably where the demotivation comes from. Part of my brain is going, "Come on, up and at 'em, this book isn't gonna write itself! Your fans are eagerly hoping for more art! You need to exercise so your body doesn't atrophy!" and so on, but the rest of my brain replies, "Why bother? What's the point? I'm tired, and it's just going to be screwed up anyway." And while those two bicker back and forth, the rest of me stays stuck in limbo.

Deciding to Move Forward Anyway
"I have never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit."
–Elizabeth Gilbert

The good news is, looking at this situation, analyzing it, acknowledging and being sympathetic to it, I can also overcome it. As an adult human being with free will, I can make the decision that I'm going to do something whether I'm motivated to or not. This is different from the rote stubbornness of moving on willpower. This is a rational choice. "Okay. So you're tired and demotivated. But you have the choice of being tired and demotivated and getting nothing done and feeling even worse about that, or being tired and demotivated and still having written the book/drawn the comic/done the workout. Of those two, which would you rather have?"

In other words, if heart can't pick up the slack, and ego isn't up to the task, intelligence still has something to say on the matter.

So yeah, I'm in a mood. But I'm the boss of me, not the mood. And the boss says we keep going.

-The Gneech
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Okay. So, we all know. Let's get it out of the way.

John Oliver blows up 2016

Yeah, 2016 pretty much blew chunks in a lot of ways. Thing is, it started out so well! I thought 2014 was the worst things were going to get, 2015 was the beginning of an upward climb, and that 2016 was going to be awesome. Then everything went pear-shaped, starting with our moving plans. Then Buddha died... and from there it was a nearly-unrelenting sea of crap that culminated in the Worst Possible Result in the election. I used to joke about not wanting to live in 1930s Germany. I don't joke about that any more.

For the record, some good things DID happen in 2016, and there's evidence that 2017 will be better. So even though things have been rough, just wallowing in it isn’t going to help. Since the end of November, I have been making a concerted effort to wedge positivity back into my life by any means possible, and it is working, even if there is a lot of resistance from a world determined to set itself on fire. But more on that in the Goals for 2017 part of the post. For now, let's review the goals I set at the beginning of the year.

  1. Issues Four and Five, Plus the First Collection. Partial success. Issue four is out and issue five is running currently, after moving and story development heck. This will be finished in early 2017, assuming all goes well.

  2. Publish That Book! Still working on it. I've received a fair amount of positive feedback from the various agents etc. I've shopped it around to, but so far it hasn't found a home. I'm going to keep at it until it sells or I run out of potential markets. If it gets to that point, I'll look at self-publishing.

  3. Finish Another Book! Didn't happen. Had to punt mid-NaNoWriMo, but I'll get back to it in 2017.

  4. Get the Money Sitch Fixed. Didn't happen. Despite being a very strong candidate, [ profile] lythandra went to trainings and applied for jobs and talked to headhunters and out of all that got a few tiny nibbles and only one offer– which was immediately cancelled a few days later due to the contract being disputed. I hung out my shingle as a freelance/tech writer but so far have spent most of my time on that front turning down such lucrative offers as "Write ten full length novels for us to sell without giving you any residuals or credit for $35,000/year." So, still living on savings and what income the comics and art bring in, but we have plans in motion. (See below.)

  5. Move. Um. Happened, yes. But not the way we wanted. It needs fixing still/again.

  6. Get Back to Conventions! Eh... sort of. AC and MFF happened again. We also went to a steampunk meet in PA, but we had to punt on FurTheMore and Dragon*Con for financial and/or scheduling reasons. I expect 2017 to be different, however.

  7. Stronger faster slimmer better. Big setbacks here. Depression, stress, and a host of other factors meant that in six months I regained all the weight it had taken me two years to get rid of. :P I am not happy about this. The good news is that at the end of November I rejoined Weight Watchers and I have recovered 11 pounds' worth of progress since then, despite the best efforts of convention food and holidays. More significantly I have figured out how to live comfortably on a 35-ish point diet– basically the allocation for someone my age weighing 220 lbs. At my current rate of weight loss, I will hit that in six months, which would suit me just fine.

  8. No More Afib. Success! Heart ablation surgery was a complete success. Since March, I have only experienced afib twice, both of which were in December and seem to have been triggered by salt. As long as I continue to limit my salt intake, I should be set.

  9. Bernie Sanders 2016. Ugh. Don't get me started.

Now the review post from last year had unexpected things achieved in 2015. Alas, 2016 didn't really have a lot in the way of such things. However, it wasn't entirely bleak. Zootopia was really good, for instance. Also, I got into Overwatch and a fan very kindly built me a terrific computer to run it on, which prompted me to create the Learning Not to Suck at Overwatch series. It didn't exactly set YouTube on fire, but the videos were fun to make and I got to test my mettle in a competitive environment, something which I've never done a lot of. Overwatch also provided my single longest running batch of art commissions, in the form of "Play of the Game" badges. My Overwatchery has been thin since Halloween– other priorities eating my time– but I hope to get back into it in January.

So that leads me to my goals for 2017...

  1. Issues Five and Six, Plus the First Collection. Five and collection should be done well before AnthroCon. Issue Six, we'll see. I’m thinking of taking the comic in a slightly new direction based on the ending of Issue Five, but that's still in the very half-baked stage so I can't really go into detail yet.

  2. Publish That Book! Like I said, still working on this.

  3. Finish Another Book! I am looking at creating a series specifically for self-pub. More on that as the development fills out some more.

  4. Start a Company. This is a big one that Laurie and I have been messing with off and on again all year, but which is really starting to take shape now. Again, I don't want to talk about it in too much detail before everything is set in motion, all the T's are dotted and I's are crossed, etc., but it's a cool, exciting project designed to put the making of money back into our hands, since getting hired by other people doesn't seem to be a thing that really happens to anyone any more.

  5. Move to California. Okay. So. I thought this was going to happen last year, but for various reasons I kept fairly quiet about it at the time, and then it fell through anyway. It's back on the plan now, and I am not keeping it a secret any more. The exact details are still being hashed out, so you can expect to hear more on this as the year goes on. But part of the reason for the Start a Company item, is to enable living where we want, and since Fed jobs are going to all be utter crap for the next four years or more as the assholes-elect try to burn down the country, there's not a whole lot of point in staying around here for the job market anyway. Our families and some of our friends are here, of course, but we only see them a few times a year as it is– Facetime/Google Hangouts and plane tickets will probably take care of that problem. California is not necessarily the only candidate, we're also looking at some spots around New England for instance, but it is by far the strongest candidate and my top choice unless there is a strongly compelling reason to go elsewhere.

  6. Stronger faster slimmer better. 220 lbs by end of September is the plan. 220 lbs by end of June is the stretch goal.

  7. Bring the Awesome! I was just getting through my grief about my parents when Buddha died, kicking it all off again. I spent most of 2016 in a depression deeper than anything I’ve been through since 2001, although instead of manifesting as "feeling bad," it was more like an emotional dead zone, making it hard to enjoy anything and leaving me in a constant state of "peeved and grouchy for no good reason." That shit's got to go. As I said, since the end of November I've been focusing on positivity, and I'm just going to build on that and do more in 2017.

  8. Edit Myself Less. This one is kind of hard to explain without context and it's more a note to myself than anything. There are aspects of myself that I have simply made a point of not talking about for one reason or another; opinions, feelings, or wishes I have kept to myself when it would have been appropriate to share them, and so on. But honestly? It's not doing myself or the people who care about me any favors. I've had people tell me "I thought I knew you..." before for just this reason. And while I'm a lot more myself now than I used to be, I still get into that self-censorship habit when I’m depressed or afraid. This is something I need to work on. Shoving every thought in your head into other people's faces isn't a good idea– but shutting yourself down just to please other people isn't a healthy choice either. I'm not about to start drawing porn or anything like that, but I am going to be loosening up.

  9. Reverse course and mitigate/repair damage to the country. Grassroots action FTW. They're not going to burn down the country while I have anything to say about it. More on this in some other post.

[ profile] jamesbarrett's sister Kimmie said that 2016 was the end of a 9-year cycle, which is why there were so many deaths and endings and so much loss, but that also meant that 2017 would be a year of new beginnings. [1] While astrology and numerology are not my particular flavor of crackpottery, I can’t deny that 2016 sure has felt like everything was crumbling around my ears. Not going to California when we originally planned to, which pushed us into the Maryland move, and the death of Buddha all hit me hard. Seeing the end of the first administration in my life that I actually liked the President was going to be tough; seeing him replaced by somebody so obviously The Worst Possible Candidate For the Job just hurts.

But these things all happened and can't be undone. I've had my disappointment and my grief and my rage. While there may be emotional aftershocks, the end of November made a sea change in Laurie and me, and I am excited and ready for the things we’ve got coming up in the year ahead. If 2017 is indeed the year of new beginnings, let's make it the beginning of something amazing.

-The Gneech

[1] This is based on numerology: 2016 breaks down to 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9. 2017 will be 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1. Thus 2016 is the end of the current cycle and 2017 is the beginning of the next one.
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Well. It's been a thing, hasn't it? Yeeks.

As I suspect has not gone unnoticed, I have not been my characteristically chirpy, genial self for some time now. This is because the world seems to be actively saying "Up yours!" over and over, and it has me not-unnaturally feeling peeved.

To recount, in the past double-handful of years I have lost...

  • a beloved aunt

  • both parents

  • my former business partner and best non-spouse friend

  • another friend who was the group "den mother" for us in high school and who I was actually much closer to as an adult

  • Frostdemn, a fan and friend who was a joy to everyone who knew him and was way, way too young

  • my job

  • my house

  • Game Parlor

  • Laughing Ogre Comics

  • ...and of course Buddha the kitty, whom I loved dearly

Some of these things are worse than others of course, but it's the sheer number and overwhelming breadth of it that gets me. Like there's no good thing so minor that the Universe doesn't feel like going "YOINK!"

Then last year, [ profile] lythandra's job, which was at least paying the bills, also disintegrated, and she's been searching ever since with frustrating results.

Just in 2016, circumstances conspired to kick us out of the place we didn't especially like but had landed in when the house sold, into [ profile] sirfox's condo in Maryland. And, wishing no reflection on Sirfie, Maryland just ain't working for us for reasons I don't particularly want to get into here.

Despite my best efforts, and even when it returns praise for the writing, I have not been able to sell my book.

And oh yeah, now the neo-nazis are on the march, and the ice caps are melting at an unprecedented rate despite it being winter, much to the consternation and bafflement of the scientists who study such things. Those who used to be alarmists on the topic are throwing up their hands and saying, "welp, we're fucked," while those who used to be only concerned are becoming alarmed.

So yeah, things kinda suck right now, on levels cosmic, social, personal, and downright petty. What the hell. And it's made me grouchy.

However, as Nick Fury put it, "Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on." And while some people use anger and spite to fuel their fire, I am not among their number. Anger and spite make me cruel and mean, and I don't like me when I'm mean. I renounced it long ago, before anyone who knows me now even met me, but it's kinda like being a werewolf or something– it's always there, trying to sneak back out. I suspect many people would be shocked at sheer volume of vicious thoughts or cutting comments that jump unbidden into my mind, and at the effort I'm constantly expending to stop it before it reaches my tongue or the page. If you ever feel I'm snarky or negative now? My public face is Mr. Flippin' Rogers compared to the crap that goes on inside my head.

Lately, just by having been worn down by the world, this effort has been a real fight. I'm spending as much energy on keeping myself "up" as I am on actually accomplishing the things I want to get done with my day. I had a counseling appointment about this last week, and that helped, but it's still something I am dealing with.

The point I'm meandering my way to here, is that I think I've finally reached a certain equilibrium over the past few days, and hopefully I am now at the "Take a deep breath, stand up, and keep walking" stage of things. The reason I punted on NaNoWriMo was so I could concentrate on more immediately-lucrative pursuits so that when our current lease is up we would have options. I have a specific goal that I am working towards, something that Laurie and I have decided as a result of the recent social events, and that goal has finally given me something positive to work towards, instead of simply trudging on because that was all there was to do.

Hopefully, as I start to make progress, and perhaps even start building more positive things back into my life, the Universe will get the message and start moving in the right direction itself, as well.

-The Gneech
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So. My heart is in sinus rhythm. The cold or whatever it was is mostly gone. And while I am still sad about Buddha, I am not so devastated that all I can do is sit on the couch and stare into space.

In some ways, I'm in a peculiarly peaceful frame of mind. As Buddha's health has been declining, a recurring thought of "Please let him be okay, please let him be okay!" has been my constant companion. And, well... now the worst has happened. I may be in grief, but that anxiety is off my mind, now.

Everything else going on in my life, I can handle easy by comparison. So as bad as losing Buddha is, it's at least led me here.

Thanks again, to everyone who sent their messages of love and comfort. I love how so many of you felt like Buddha was a part of your lives as well, even those of you who never met him. He was just that kind of a cat. Buddha was made of love. And fluff.

-The Gneech
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After this morning's apparent upswing, Buddha took a very sudden and catastrophic decline this afternoon around 3:30. We rushed him to Just Cats Clinic in Reston, where they determined that he was in an incredibly severe anemic condition. In short, for reasons unknown, his body was destroying its own red blood cells; his red cell count was so low that it did not even register as a percentage.

The only possibility of treatment was hospitalization and transfusions, with no real ability to know if it would even help in the short term, and a poor prognosis for recovery.

After a great deal of sober thought and discussion, we decided that it was time to let Buddha go. [ profile] lythandra and I stayed with him, petting him gently and telling him what a good kitty he was, until the vet announced, "He's gone."

It has been my privilege and pleasure to be Buddha's human for almost exactly nine years– nine years that he would not have had if we had taken the advice given to us originally to put him to sleep merely for being FIV+.

I love you, Buddha, and I will miss you. Thank you for the time you gave us.

-The Gneech
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*conga dances!*

Buddha ate his break-FAST!
Buddha ate his break-FAST!

Okay, okay, before you go off and write your local representative that Gneech has gone even further off the deep end and this menace must be dealt with, let me explain.

For some months now, Buddha's irritable bowel disease (IBD) has been getting more severe, and so we've been giving him steroid treatments, to wit, pills that he despises. In an effort to make that daily battle less horrible, we switched to a steroid injection... and then all hell broke loose when suddenly one of his eyes was cloudy and distended way out of its socket. The steroids had suppressed his already-weak immune system, and he had a nasty bacterial infection.

It was at this point that our poor kitty just plain stopped eating. -.- Between the antibiotics, IBD, and stress, he was clearly nauseous most of the time, and he would nibble a bit from one meal a day at the most. His weight was dropping, and he was clearly not a happy kitty.

In an effort to find some kind of treatment for his IBD that would not involve steroids killing the last vestiges of his immune system, we took Buddha to a kitty acupuncturist last week, but that was just the first of several sessions and could only do so much. And somewhere along the line... he just stopped eating. -.-

His weight was dropping, and yesterday, his lips were a pale deathly white. Not gonna lie, after having loved ones "just stop eating and waste away," I have been in fear for his life for some days now, which didn't help with the stress of recovering from my own health stuff, let me tell you. :P

But Buddha's health is not negotiable, so we consulted the vet again. We gave him an appetite-enhancer/anti-nausea pill yesterday afternoon, then switched back to the hated-but-effective steroid pill before bed.

This morning, Buddha was eager for his breakfast, and ate almost the whole thing. *fistpump!*

He also ate a treat while I was composing this post. Only one, but still more than zero! It's progress!


-The Gneech
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Not gonna lie, I have not been a happy Gneech this past week. Not without reason perhaps, but it doesn't matter. I decided last night that was done.

I am, as Yin the Giant Panda would say, hereby raising my vibration. Light, energy, music, and movement are the order of the day today. I've got a big week ahead of me and I need to be firing on all cylinders for it– besides the fact that I'm just sick of feeling like I'm slogging through mud.

Today I'm actually prepping for tomorrow's D&D, the first game of it we've played in something like three months, and even that has required forcing the schedule a bit so we are all in the same place (even virtually) at the same time. Some of that includes cleaning up the basement, which is currently dark, cold, messy, and full of funk.

Monday, on the other hand, is my surgery. I'm not anxious about the procedure itself, but I am trying to figure out just what I might be able get done while lying in bed for 24 hours afterward. :P It all depends on what condition I'm in, how drugged up I am, and what facilities I might have to work with. My guess is that I will probably do some scripting or book revising.

The rest of the week after that will depend entirely on what condition I'm in post-op, I guess, but I have a lot of things I want to get done.

  • At least one RH page drawn.

  • Graphics/design portfolio page added to

  • Agenda for March

  • More progress on the Oxford program

Buddha's hospital stay, and the surgery costs not covered by my insurance, are taking another month's worth out of our savings, and there's no getting around the fact that at this point, I need to start making money. Honestly, I'm tired of floating in this limbo anyway and want things to start moving! I'm ready for things to change for the better now.

-The Gneech
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Three Good Things for Today

  1. I had the day off! Got some lotion for my drying-out knuckles and had some yummy pizza for lunch. :d

  2. Finished the "Soarin ColtSpice Ad" pic and posted for my Patreon supporters. I'll post it to the world at large tomorrow.

  3. Finally started posting SJ to my FurAffinity page again. (Was that today or yesterday? I think it was today. But just in case it wasn't...)

  4. BONUS GOOD THING! The cats were adorable today, particularly Buddha.

Three Goals for Tomorrow

  1. Post said Soarin pic to FA/DA. :)

  2. Do a past life meditation in the morning before my counselor appointment.

  3. Go to my counselor appointment.

And now... sleep!

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Went through the Brian Weiss video yesterday. Childhood imagery was riding around on my first bicycle, a purple Schwinn. I particularly remembered the metal flakes in the paint, and driving through puddles fast to make sluices of water fly up.

In utero imagery produced nothing except a vague "hospital room" set straight from Central Casting.

Past life imagery produced a pond around sunset, surrounded by small stones or possibly shrines that had candles lit on or in them. The pond was surrounded by low grassy hills, beyond which were trees. A small mountain was visible beyond the trees to the northwest. There were no people or visible "self" in the image, and it didn't last long enough for much of anything to take place.

This morning was unfocused meditation with Buddha in my lap. Peaceful and relaxing, but little to report.

-The Gneech
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'scuze us while we weep openly. ^.^

Severe IBD, which will be treated w/ steroids. But our little guy is okay.

Thank you, whatever powers that be.

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As I mentioned (last week, I guess it was?) my mood has been all over the place lately, but more down than up, so I think it would be a good time to go back to the Three Good Things exercise.

Three Good Things For Today

  • Received some funny comments on today's comic. :)

  • Got the classes written up for my Ghostbusters 5E conversion. They are Brains, Brawn, Guts, and Mouth. This amuses me.

  • InkyGirl was very adorable today, as was Buddha.

Three Goals For Tomorrow

  • Pencil two SJ pages.

  • Grocery store/dishes/laundry.

  • Get in some pony time.

Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech
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The fact that cats honor the laws of spacetime more in the breach than in the observance is old news. But what frankly astonishes me in regards to my own particular cats is that somehow, they poop out approximately double their own mass every four hours. Given that they are only given three ounces of food each in the morning and evening, this mass must come from somewhere.

It is therefore my theory that all that missing dark matter, presumably being sucked down black holes? Is actually reappearing in litterboxes across the universe.

It is, frankly, the only thing that makes sense.

-The Gneech
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Last week, after Buddha was so sick, we had him on medicines and everything was hunky-dory... except that two days later, suddenly Dasher was just as sick, in exactly the same way. O.o

Two days after that, so was InkyGirl. D:

So yesterday, Dash and Inks went to the vet. [ profile] lythandra and I had been planning to go out of town today and tomorrow to visit her family, but that got canceled in favor of staying home and taking care of the cats.

The various vets' verdict was "Eh, sometimes cats get sick. Here's some meds to make them feel better, they should be fine in a few days." No indication of what caused it, no indication of how we can prevent it from happening again. Oy. But as long as the cats are okay (which they seem to be this morning at least) I won't complain too much.

I'm spending the unexpected time at home to keep churning away at comics. I'm currently working on pages for the first full week of July still, and that's only two weeks away. I am extremely dissatisfied with my own performance on this front-- how do I have the gall to ask people to support my work, if no matter how many hours I grind away at it, I don't produce anything?

I have been systematically cutting out distractions in order to try to fix this problem; I have limited my websurfing to being finished no later than 9:00 a.m. (or 10:00 a.m. on exercise days), severely restricted my #TwitterPonies time, and pretty much dropped all computer gaming to at night when I'm too tired to draw decently any more. Yesterday I still had close to a ten hour day and with it got as far as pencilled and inked one page.

On my next break between issues, I'm going to start doing speed exercises in an attempt to reduce my drawing time. I'm not sure what they will consist of exactly, but my best guess is simply writing up a handful of image concepts, then shouting "GO!" and trying to draw as many of them as I can in an hour or however long.

I hope it works; I can't be left constantly both exhausted and unsatisfied with the work, and expect it to continue. I have got to find a groove.

-The Gneech
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Today was a strangely mixed bag. The Yiynova arrived and by all accounts I should be artgasming all over it, but with little over an hour of messing with it I'm not entirely sold. It's huge, but low-res; it seems to forget that I'm using it periodically; and I got so used to keyboard shortcuts with years of Wacom use that I'm not sure I can do just-tablet interfacing.

But I'm going to give it a real day of work tomorrow and see how it goes.

Also signed up for South Beach today; singularly unimpressed by their website and meal service integration. Their website is trying to start me on Phase One as of today-- the meal plan food won't arrive for a week. So. Presumably it's going to list me as being a failure for the next week. :P A simple "Choose your starting date!" option would have fixed it.

But hopefully this is a temporary wrinkle that will either be fixed or will not matter in the long run. We're only committed to doing this for three months anyway, and will revisit later to see how we feel about it.

So what are my three and three for today?

Three Good Things For Today

  1. Buddha is home, eating properly, and his health seems to be good.

  2. The Intuous 5 return got mailed out. If the Yiynova also is a wash, I'll just go back to the Intuous 3, give up on streaming, and move on with my life.

  3. Got to talk to [ profile] sirfox some today. Even if the topic of conversation was not a happy one, it was still nice to chat.

Three Goals For Tomorrow

  1. Finish another page of SJ, putting the Yiynova through its paces in the process.

  2. Plumber coming to replace the kitchen sink fixture tomorrow.

  3. Figure out a more comfortable work setup to accommodate this big honkin' tablet.

So that's another day in the can. Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech
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Buddha is back from the Hope Center, on a prescription for Pepcid and a few other such things, seeming to feel a bit better but not completely so. We have to watch him over the next few days and report back to the vet how (and what) he's doing.

Keeping fingers crossed for a quick and full recovery. :)

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The antibiotics, anti-spasmotics (is that the right word?) and painkillers seem to have done the trick-- Buddha is back to his normal self and has been quite perky for the past few days.

To say this is a huge relief doesn't begin to cover it. <3 that kitty.

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Last night and this morning Buddha was not eating properly, so we started the day with a trip over to Clocktower to get his meds adjusted and get a little appetite enhancer. For obvious reasons, [ profile] lythandra and I are both a little jumpy about the whole "just stop eating" thing. But he ate some when we got home, and hopefully will be back on his feed come dinnertime.

PHB cover by Dave Trampier, c/o Dork Tower websiteIn other news, I'm back on the job today, and will be drawin' comics as soon as I finish this post. I've got Coffitivity murmuring in the background and '80s tunes playing on Pandora. Spring has finally gotten its act together it seems, as we've got bright sunshine and open windows: now we begin the Cherry Blossoms Watch, so we can get down to the Tidal Basin and suck up all the incredible niceness when the trees are in bloom. If you ever get the chance to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival on a warm sunny day, DO IT. Your heart will sing. And then possibly explode. But in a good way.

In some less-happy news, John Kovalic of Dork Tower posted yesterday that Dave Trampier recently passed away. Even if you don't recognize the name, anyone reading this page will almost certainly recognize his iconic artwork.

Finally, care of Geeks Are Sexy, have an awesome new video from those crazy kids at World Order to get you moving today:

That's all for now. Time to get to work!

-The Gneech
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Urinary tract infection, uncomfortable and icky, but not terribly dangerous. He'll be on antibiotics for a couple of weeks, but is otherwise fine.

Words cannot express relief. I could not have borne losing Buddha now. Leaving now to bring him home.

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Up at 5:30, taking Buddha to the Hope Center emergency services because he's got another urinary tract blockage.

Universe, cut this shit out. I've had it with your shenanigans.

EDIT: Back from vet; Buddha is staying there for tests and obsv. He's not in any immediate danger, so it's all okay. Money and hassle, not a problem.

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  1. Wrote about 400 words on my current story idea today.

  2. Weather was gorgeous again today.

  3. Got some lap time with Buddha. :)

Now... bed. *thud* Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech

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