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Running of the 16-ton Weights

I've had a rough couple of weeks. :P

Long story short, too many plates spinning. Between Barnes & Noble, coach training, coach actually doing, commissions, the comic, and actually running some D&D, there was just no way to do it all. And then, I got sick, and everything just came clattering down like the chef in those old Sesame Street shorts who would call out "Five! Fancy! Fruitcakes!" and then promptly fall down the stairs.

I feel you, Sesame Street Fall Down the Stairs Guy.

I did manage to finish Leona Is Not Safe For Work, get to all of my B&N shifts other than the one where I called in sick, do some networking with Justy, and ran D&D last night. Tonight, I do not get to go to bed until Joey Gatorman's commission is done. So a lot of things have gotten done. But as of right now I still have not taken on a formal coaching client and have fallen behind on my training, don't have a comic page for next week, and am not likely to have one for the week after, either.

There just literally isn't time to do it all, and even if I try, I'm just going to make myself sick again, because I'm not getting any days off in between.

Of all these things, the most time consuming and least rewarding has been Barnes & Noble, so I gave my notice there, as of this coming Friday. This coming week I will be catching up as much as I can before the second training weekend with Accomplishment Coaching.

Last night, I had the classic "The semester's over and you haven't gone to class!" dream, and woke up feeling overwhelmed and terrible. Yes, thank you brain, I'm aware of this, you don't need to remind me. Today, in between being at B&N again, I'm going to make it a do-or-die priority to finish that commission.

I'm standing up, cleaning the custard splats off my face, and moving forward.

-The Gneech


Feb. 10th, 2018 11:44 am
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I may draw the first-ever NSFW Suburban Jungle art today and tomorrow.

I am weirdly antsy about it.

-The Gneech
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Like the video, this month is going to be epic.

Why? Because in February I have to do ALL THE THINGS. O.o

What things specifically? Oh, just...

  • Finding and taking on at least four new coaching clients

  • Completing my monthly practice areas for next month's training weekend

  • A page of Suburban Jungle every week

  • A big commission for Joey Gatorman

  • A smaller-but-still-important commission for Fzygal

  • Art for the AC conbook

  • Oh yeah, I have a job at Barnes & Noble, don't I?

These are the things that I need to do this month. In terms of what I want to do this month, I have a piece of Valentine's Day art that I want to do for a) fun and b) as the start of this mysterious NSFW art project I have been hinting around about in certain circles, and at some point Jamie and Inkblitz are going start giving me the side-eye if I don't, y'know, run some more D&D myself. >.> ^.^'

The keys to getting all this done are going to be timing, focus, and perseverance, with a healthy dose of scheduling breaks in to make sure I don't burn out. I can't take on coaching clients until Accomplishment Coaching finishes setting up my billing information, so while I'm waiting on that anyway, it's time to crank on art. Joey Gatorman commission has been in the queue for the longest, but as long as I send him WIPs, I should be able to get the Valentine's Day piece done on Thursday, and so forth.

However! That does mean that a lot of my go-to time wasters are going to have to go to the curb, including (but not limited to) Twitter and Tumblr, places where I am prone to just shutting off my brain and absorbing the way previous generations would just lie in bed in front of the TV all night (but all the more insidious because you can take it wherever you go).

So if I seem quiet or remote in the next few weeks, that's what's up. Feel free to toss me an e-mail or DM if you need anything or just want to chat! ♥ I'm not becoming a hermit, just crunching against multiple deadlines.

-The Gneech
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Three Good Things For Today

  1. Found some more friends on Telegram

  2. Had a good workout via DailyBurn

  3. Picked up Josie & The Pussycats #3

  4. Bonus Good Thing: Accepted (and got paid for) a biggish commission

  5. Bonus Good Thing: Rewatched Zootopia

  6. Bonus Good Thing: Yummy veggie burgers

  7. Bonus Good Thing: Haircut thanks to [ profile] lythandra

Three Goals For Tomorrow

  1. Doctor visit and other stuff in VA

  2. Pencil Rough Housing issue 5 page 5

  3. Night court with AppleJack

  4. Bonus Goal: More fursona tweaking

Honestly, I don't know if there will be room for items 3 and 4, but I'm gonna try!

Meanwhile, g'nite world, and have an awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech
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Actually, the drawing was just traced from a Shonen Jump, but that's neither here nor there.


-The Gneech
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It's a bright sunny day! I'm wide awake and cheerful and ready to work! Yeah, yeah!

*gets e-mail that my favorite comic store is closing*

God dammit. -.-

-The Gneech
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First: High heels. WTF. I mean really. And more to the point, why do women put up with them?

Next: Meme time! Kyyanno posted:

7 Things

Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

So here are the things he asked me to talk about:


My affinity for hats started with Raiders of the Lost Ark, which probably isn't a surprise to anyone. My first hat was a rather lackluster porkpie given to me by my grandfather, but it was kinda-sorta like a fedora so I took it and wore it. My first actually-bought-it-myself hat was a deluxe Indy in grey with a silk lining... it cost something like $40 at the time and was a huge investment of allowance money. (Now a hat of comparable quality is at least $65, if you can even find it.) I also periodically dabble in black kangols (i.e., the hat that Arthur wears in NeverNever) and have been known to wear Greek fisherman's caps (a la Ringo Starr).


Cast Mordenkainan's faithful watchdog before going down into these. Also, where are the Cheetohs?


My affinity for lions started with Kimba the White Lion, which was my first animation obsession. But they fit surprisingly well with my personality. All of the introverty reserve of cats, combined with a desire for an extremely tight small family unit? Eeyup. And dayum, but they're pretty. ^.^ I'm not so pretty myself, but I can wish I was.


Hmm. Not sure what to say about comics. I love comics but hate superheroes. The manga revolution in the U.S. was a great thing for me (for a while at least) because there were finally comics about something else for a change. Unfortunately, in the time since, even all manga has started feeling exactly the same as all other manga to me.

If you're talking comic strips I have more to say, but it's a big topic. I will say that they don't hold the appeal for me that they once did; I don't know if it's just the collapse of the industry, or having OD'ed during the webcomics boom, or just my tastes have changed over time.


My childhood home (known affectionately as "Ogdenland" because it was on Ogden Street) doesn't exist any more; the entire 3.5 acres were bulldozed to make McMansions. I'm surprisingly un-upset by this development except for one aspect: the trees. There were some huge, beautiful, ancient trees there, and I resent that they were murdered in order for some developer to get another bajillion dollars.

Things that make you happy

Friends. :) Unexpected notes from people I like. Knowing that someone cares. Silly jokes. Dancing. Cool stories. Putting a smile on somebody's face.

60's British TV shows

Hmm. Space: 1999 was the '60s, right? Or was it early '70s? Hmm.

So here's the deal: I grew up on PBS ("Public Broadcasting System" for those not familiar, essentially government-subsidized TV with a mandate to educate, uplift, and improve). And one of the things PBS was known for in its day was running a lot of British TV, mainly because it was almost always smarter than American TV. So I spent a lot of afternoons/early evenings watching things like "The Saint," "The Avengers," and of course, "Doctor Who" (although I didn't see the '60s "Doctor Who" until much later, I only saw Tom Baker for years). I always used to wonder why the world was so different on these shows than it was from the world I saw around me. I knew they were from another country, of course, but there was more to it than that-- they were from a whole different mindset.

The British national culture, especially as portrayed by the BBC in the '60s and '70s, had a respect for intelligence and education (and an affinity for wit) that the U.S. culture hasn't really had since the 1950s or earlier. There is a revolting anti-rational, anti-education, just plain anti-thought strain in the U.S. culture that was always there but has been gaining visibly more prominence over the course of my lifetime. I won't say such a thing doesn't exist in British culture (not as long as Murdoch has his goddamn way), but it doesn't seem to be celebrated and held up as some sort of beautiful thing there the way it is here.

Or at least, not in '60s British TV shows. ;)

...So, that's it for now. Have a good day, all!

-The Gneech
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Don't have a lot of in-depth reporting to do ... brain is kinda melted. Suffice to say we're home and well and the kitties are also home and well for sufficient values of well. Dasher doesn't handle cars very well.

Instead of writing up a wall of text about the con, I'm going to post a wall of tweets, as these observations were made as the con was actually happening. For those who don't like tweets ... sorry! There's always the scroll bar. ;P

@the_gneech: Dulles Airport, I am in you! #NotThatExcitingReally
1 Sep

@the_gneech: Atlanta! I am near you! #NotMuchBetter
1 Sep

@the_gneech: #dragoncon! I am @ you!
1 Sep

@the_gneech: Hotelled, badged, now lurking @ Marriott peoplewatch spot. So far seen two Doctors, the Master, and Jamie Hyneman (fake).
1 Sep

@the_gneech: This is a BAD idea. // RT @laurierobey: Noticing a lot fewer chairs in the Marriott lobby this year. #DragonCon
1 Sep

@the_gneech: @Paradisacorbasi What they're gonna get is people sitting on the floor instead. Anyone who knows geeks could tell them this!
1 Sep

@the_gneech: Hurrah, Emerald Rose! #DragonCon has officially started!
1 Sep

@the_gneech: RT @bobandcarl Don't forget to play Jayne Hat Punch Bug all weekend at Con.
1 Sep

@the_gneech: Spent the morning killing time; I wish Friday started at 11 instead of 1. #dragoncon is too short to waste half a day waiting!
2 Sep

@the_gneech: Seen humanoid Pinkie Pie and Applejack so far; no fursuit style yet. #dragoncon #mlpfim #brony
2 Sep

@the_gneech: Crowds seriously crazy. Please be less like SDCC, #dragoncon! There's a reason I come here and not there.
2 Sep

@the_gneech: In unofficial line to get in line for the costume contest. Staff guy keeps telling how unofficial it is. What else should we do? #dragoncon
2 Sep

@the_gneech: Seen a few humanoid Dashies now. 20% cooler than Slave Leia! #dragoncon #mlpfim #brony
2 Sep

@the_gneech: Jayne hat slug-a-bug! *punch* #dragoncon
2 Sep

@the_gneech: Lurking @ the food court in case Hantamouse actually makes it out of the hotel befoe the parade starts. Need to find @Paradisacorbasi today!
3 Sep

@the_gneech: Did a fun sketch last night; tried to stretch my artistic muscles. Calvin & Hobbes & ponies. I'm such a nerd.
3 Sep

@the_gneech: I have to choose between Bob and Carl or Crossed Swords? #DragonCon, you can be downright CRUEL!
3 Sep

@the_gneech: What's with the Gilligan's Island #cosplay? O.o Seen three separate groups! #DragonCon #wtf
3 Sep

@the_gneech: My arm is aching from all the Jayne hat slug-a-bug. #dragoncon
3 Sep

@the_gneech: Mens's room sounds like ants from THEM! -- this worries me. #dragoncon
3 Sep

@the_gneech: Hyatt lobby shut down by Fire Marshall in 5 ... 4 ... 3... #dragoncon
3 Sep

@the_gneech: Hantamouse saw (and smelled) full set of ponies; I saw Dash + Twilight w/ heads off. #sadface #dragoncon #mlpfim
3 Sep

@the_gneech: @Paradisacorbasi Well, it didn't happen, but it sure felt like it was going to. :-/ Completely insane crowding!
3 Sep

@the_gneech: Off to the Steampunk Comics panel! Bet you weren't expecting that! ;P #dragoncon
3 Sep

@the_gneech: This conversation I can't help overhearing is making me depressed. KackassCon? #DragonCon
3 Sep

@the_gneech: @Paradisacorbasi I was trying to say "jackasscon." Suffice to say, some deeply unpleasant people. :P
3 Sep

@the_gneech: In queue for Martin Landau Mission: Impossible panel. Want to have a giant sign that says "Tom Cruise SUCKS!" #DragonCon
4 Sep

@the_gneech: Martin Landau panel was AWESOME! Whatta guy! #dragoncon
4 Sep

@the_gneech: Had to bail on steampunk exhibition to get to fashion show. ITOH, @Paradisacorbasi hugs, yay! #dragoncon
4 Sep

@the_gneech: Caught a glimpse of humanoid Rarity in a group, but they moved on before we could get there w/ camera. #mlpfim #DragonCon
4 Sep

@the_gneech: About to head off to the Time Travelers' Ball, the last #DragonCon event for me this year (a.m. flight). Been a good one!
23 hours ago

@the_gneech: That was an amazing outfit! // RT @Paradisacorbasi: All cyberfunked out at the time travelers ball #dragoncon
21 hours ago

@the_gneech: 500 well-dressed geeks dancing to great music. I can't imagine why the Time Traveler's Ball might appeal to me! #dragoncon #thatwasawesome
21 hours ago

@the_gneech: Sitting in the airport. Somebody make the bad CNN go away! #DragonCon
8 hours ago

Well there you have it, in a group of nutshells. Gave out lots of Short Story Geeks podcast cards, plugged Arclight Adventures a few times, generally had fun. My only regret is that I never got to see the full set of ponies. Maybe they'll be at FC.

-The Gneech
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Sinfest, by Tatsuya Ishida, for 8/11/2011

I wonder if he's ready to have the shit loved and tolerated out of him.

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I forgot to mention, we did in fact go see Captain America this weekend. It was quite enjoyable with no glaring flaws, even if it's not necessarily something that I'll want to watch again and again.

I will say, it's refreshing to see Hollywood get Lawful Good right every once in a while. :) Cap's line of "Reporting for disciplinary action, sir!" after undertaking an unauthorized but incredibly successful rescue mission is the essence of a paladin.

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Wondermark, by David Malki, for August 2, 2011. Ask not for whom the mortality tuba blaats, IT BLATS FOR THEE

Please, warn your children about the Mortality Tuba.

-The Gneech
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Q: Why do I want August to be like Rainbow Dash?

A: Because, after this July, I want it to be 20% cooler.


And now, the comics...

Garfield for 08-01-2011
This was me this morning. It occurs to me, this would be a good "Garfield Minus Garfield."

Garfield for 08-01-2011, minus Garfield

Dilbert for 08-01-2011

Basic Instructions for 07-31-2011
It looks a little like Trogdor.

-The Gneech


Jun. 21st, 2011 10:48 pm
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Volume III actually arrived. The ways things had been going, I was worried it wouldn't happen, but it did, so that's out of the way. I've been told secondhand that the printing for Vol I-II got done today and that the binding should happen tomorrow in time to be picked up by /jpl and Bill to be brought to AC. Thanks, guys! You rule!

I also finished the reference materials for my new sketchbook and printed up new price signs today, as well as picking up a copy of Peter Beagle's new short story anthology. I'm hoping he'll be willing to give me an interview for the Short Story Geeks podcast about it while I'm at AC, but I need to brush up in order to be able to ask him some intelligent questions first.

I wanted to and tried to do some cleaning up around the house tonight too, but I could only get so far. I am now officially pooped and need to go to bed. Unfortunately, that also means that I couldn't finish writing up Saturday's Ghostbusters session tonight either, so I'll have to try to get that in tomorrow. If it slips past the time I need to leave for AC, it'll never get written. :P

But now ... BED. G'nite world, and have an awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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Sinfest by Tatsuyo Ishida for June 21, 2011

-The Gneech, who totally never has this problem, baby
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Wondermark, by David Malki

You can save time, you can spend time, you can waste time ... just remember that time is short.

-The Gneech, waxing philosophical
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The initial layout for all three volumes of No Predation Allowed: Ten Years of the Suburban Jungle is done. I am now in a very weird emotional place, somewhere between accomplishment, relief, and nostalgic melancholy. I will say this: the story flows much, much better when you can see it all at once without the filler in-between. When taken all at once, it's a surprisingly cohesive whole.

I am also very, very tired. The layouts would have been easily finished earlier today, except this week's Short Story Geeks episode is a monster and I spent way too many hours last night and this morning editing it. It's a really good episode, and I'll post about it tomorrow, but great googily-moogily, I so did not need that added to my weekend.

I'm sure I'll post more about all this tomorrow. Suffice to say ... wow, what a weekend.

Good night, world, and have an awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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Volume II laid out; Volume III approximately 20% through first pass. Zooming along! [ profile] barberio cranking out re-colorized strips from lost period in 2001 at a frightening pace; [ profile] lythandra proofing and editing like a woman possessed. Hurrah!

But now ... BED. *whump*

-The Gneech
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My challenge: 180 pages of layout in three days. CAN I DO IT???

Well, we'll find out!

-The Gneech
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Just over halfway through the layouts on Volume II -- which means I'm just over halfway through the layouts for the whole project! Reliving some happy times, and a few not-so-happy times that it's cathartic to reflect on. :) The TCM Crossover and Tiffarella in the 24½ Century are both in ... just reached the point where everybody at MegaHuge ConGloMaCo is fired, leaving Dover in charge. A good night's work!

-The Gneech
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Stayed up 'til midnight last night working on the Suburban Jungle books -- it was just like the days when I was drawing the strip! ;P Except it went much faster. I have most of the first book laid out now, and if I can keep up this pace, hopefully we'll be on track to be done by AC.

Speaking of AC, having a little trouble with the table. [ profile] sirfox and I requested to share a table, but we got put with other dealers instead. So I e-mailed the dealer table folks and asked for this to be rectified ... and they responded by switching the other dealers we were partnered with, instead of putting us together. Um, what?

EDIT: My mistake, I misunderstood the e-mail. However, the situation is still up in the air, so we'll have to see how it goes.

In other news, my back is having a flareup this week ... lots of ice, heat, and Allieve are keeping it more or less down to a dull roar, but honestly this is something I could do without just now. I need to get back to the weights at the gym, but I'm afraid to risk it until I can at least stand up straight without too much agony.

In other other news, Gnome Stew has an essay today that really hit home with me: Not Buying Gaming Books Feels Weird. Since the Star Wars Saga Edition ended, there hasn't really been any line that I've been wanting to follow. Pathfinder is pretty much complete with the books I've got, Call of Cthulhu only puts out new "gotta have" stuff every blue moon or so, and all of my other favorite games are long out of print. I spend £20 on some old, old, hard-to-find-in-the-U.S. CoC stuff while I was in the U.K., but that's the single most significant gaming purchase I've made in months. My creaking bookshelves are probably grateful, but it's still a very odd feeling to have something that used to be so central to my psyche be so ... absent.

Finally, as a bonus for everybody who's read this far, here's a fun little thing from [ profile] lythandra: The Genre Map (or, as I like to call it: the Periodic Table of Genres).

-The Gneech

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