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c/o [ profile] jimhines...

The Habit RPG

Neat. :)

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Some nifty stuff lurking in my browser tabs that need closing...

Via Geeks Are Sexy: Donnie Yen vs. Bruce Lee.

Via The Nerdist: Awesome a capella version of the "Cornered" theme from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (with bonus points for the cat about two minutes in):

Finally, via Cheezburger:
Wot, wot!

I think there's a lesson there for all of us.

-The Gneech
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Archie Goodwin is supposed to have red hair. Other than that, this series was perfect. PERFECT.

This is a full-length two-parter. Be prepared to watch a while. You won't regret it.

-The Gneech
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So I was informed by Seifer yesterday that the high-def redux of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for iPhone/iPad got quietly released into the wild without them actually TELLING anybody, including those of us who were rabidly waiting on it and had been searching the App store every few weeks saying "Is it out yet? Is it out yet???"

This new release, besides having HD graphics, is also tablet-native so you don't have the "scroll-up/scroll-down" thing happening constantly. It also has a little bonus feature called "Everybody object!" which allows you to type in your own objection and (theoretically) post it to Twitter or send someone an e-mail, in case you want to have Edgeworth tell your friends "OBJECTION! Graveyard Greg is a punk!" or something similar. (Heh, heh.) I say "theoretically" because as of last night I couldn't get it to post, but I didn't try real hard, either.

This release also has the first three Ace Attorney titles included, whereas the original port release only had the first one. I'm excited about this, because not having ever had one of the little Nintendo gadgets (or whatever platform PW originally came out on, I freely admit this is an area of vast ignorance for me), I never got to play any of the PW games before the iPad port. And I love, love, loved the first one.

Phoenix Wright reminds me in all the best ways of the old Sierra point-and-click adventure games (particularly Colonel's Bequest and The Dagger of Amon-Ra): intelligent, funny, quirkily-yet-beautifully illustrated mystery puzzlers. There are one or two more buttons it could push to make me go "Squee!" but not many.

So! If you have an i* device, go get it! It's awesome. :) And in honor of this major release, have this:

-The Gneech
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Karate all the chops! Stack all the moneys!

Clip all the wires! Wear all the gas masks!

Look through all the scopes! Dramatic all the turns!

-The Gneech, maybe a wee bit obsessed
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Awwwwwww yeah.

-The Gneech, guest-starring Jack Burton on the theramin, bay-bee
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I realize that's hardly exciting to most of you, but it's kinda rare for me. And it's all because I loved the cover of Captain Marvel #2. Go fig. I know nothing about the comic and won't be able to read #1 until the reprints come out next week... but hey, I can afford a $2.99 experiment.

Of course, by the time I left, I also had Amulet: Book One (The Stonekeeper) graphic novel, a trade paperback of J. Michael Straczynski's run on Wonder Woman (which I've heard was awesome), Wonder Woman Adventures #1 (the Diniverse Wonder Woman comic), Pathfinder #1 (gamer tie-in comics, yay, glad to see Kyra in comic form), Victorian Secret: Girls of Steampunk #1 and Clever Tricks To Stave Off Death: A Bunch More Wondermark Comic Strips hardback (this was actually [ profile] lythandra's choice, but I heartily approved).

Given that I'm halfway through the Soulless manga that [ profile] sirfox loaned me, it may be a while before I get to all these. But as I will be far from home and mostly bereft of internet this weekend, it'll be good to have some reading material!

-The Gneech
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Ping [ profile] sirfox. :)

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This is very cool. Enjoy. :)

-The Gneech
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So here we are, wide awake in the lightening pre-dawn hours, preparing to take my better half in to the hospital for a day of fun, frolic, and organ removal. Whee!

For myself, it promises to be a day of mostly thumb-twiddling, so my plan is to take the iPad and the keyboard and try to (Gasp!) actually do some writing, which has been something that has been more honored in the breach than the practice lately.

Oh! Speaking of writing, did I tell you that "Blackbird Singing In the Dead of Night" is up for an award? O.o It totally is! I've been nominated and made it through to the last round of voting for a Cóyotl award "Recognizing Excellence in Anthropomorphic Literature." Pretty sweet! ^.^ The voting is open, if you'd like to go put in your $0.02 worth. :)

I also did a fair amount of art work (i.e., work related to art, not necessarily "artwork") this weekend, once the computer was semi-functional. The only visible bit of it that I can show right now is this badge for @mlp_AppleJack of the #TwitterPonies, but if all goes well I should have portfolios of "Pony vs. Dalek" available at AC. (I won't be selling stuff at BroNYCon, sorry, although if you're going to BroNYCon and want to buy something ahead of time for me to deliver, shoot me a note and we can work something out.)

Anyway, that's all for now, gotta get going. Have a good day, internet!

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Yes please. All of the above.

-The Gneech
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So, somepony posted THIS (click through for animation):

Low Flier (animated) by ~Snapai on deviantART

...and so now, I keep hearing THIS all day:

NOTE: This is very much not a complaint. ;)

-The Gneech
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Can't wait for Ghostbusters III? You don't need to! Someone has very kindly compressed and stitched together the cutscenes and gameplay from Ghostbusters: The Video Game into a 2:40 "feature". Sure, it's CGI rendered and occasionally has that "super-marionation" feel... but on the other hand it has a better script than Ghostbusters II did. ¬.¬

Fullscreen it and enjoy!

-The Gneech
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Snagged, as so many cool things are, from [ profile] softpaw...

-The Gneech
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"It's not a phone box, it's my ... wardrobe." Oh, I saw what you did thar!

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So many this year!

-The Gneech
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The Sheraton employees did a flash mob at Dragon*Con. That's just awesome. :D

-The Gneech


Sep. 8th, 2011 07:51 am
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New High-Res Photos of the Moon Show Apollo Equipment Still Sittin' There
Not to mention tire tracks from the lunar lander and similar stuff. Of course, some bozo out there is gonna say it's all Photoshopped.

"Research Shines More Light on Dark Matter"
They've either totally found it, or proved it doesn't really exist. They're not sure which. Why do I keep thinking of the snarky hand-pupped God from Sinfest? “Either the universe is really messing with us by making dark matter more complicated than we might have thought (but still accessible to our experiments), or searching for dark matter is really hard and the experiments are still fighting with unknown sources of error. Or both!”

-The Gneech

I Lol'd

Jul. 24th, 2011 12:18 pm
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So yesterday, [ profile] chipuni was in town on business and so [ profile] lythandra and I went downtown to hang out with him a bit. We went to the Smithsonian Museum of American History, as none of us had been there in a long time. We checked out the Star Spangled Banner of course (still star-spangled, although no longer hanging in the gallery -- it's on display in a darkened room where it can lay flat and so avoid further damage), as well as all the trains, ships, and vintage autos.

We also spent a fair amount of time in the African American Culture section, which is near and dear to [ profile] chipuni's heart. By far, the highlight of the section was this:

Rupert Garcia, 'No More O This Shit,' 1969
Rupert Garcia, "No More O' This Shit," 1969

As we were walking around, [ profile] lythandra just sort of casually pointed this piece out, and Chip and I both nearly fell over from laughing so hard. It was a good day at the museum. :)

Eventually we said our farewells and headed home; the evening was spent back at the Hobbit Hole doing the character-building session for my Pathfinder Sandbox Game. The intro scenario I'm sending them through, Master of the Fallen Fortress, is not at all sandboxey, really, but it's just a little starter adventure to get things going and set the scene for the game while I build up materials for future installments. We've got a quirky little group going, but it looks like it should be refreshing, dorky fun.

-The Gneech
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So LotRO has left me a bit bored lately, so I decided to do something new, that I would normally never do. In other words, I made a Runekeeper. Meet Lachwen Shimmerlight. :)

click through for larger

If you're not familiar with LotRO, what makes a Runekeeper notable is that, well, they totally don't belong in the game. They are a classic D&D-style blasting wizard, something that has no business at all being a playable class in a game that's at least theoretically based on Lord of the Rings. (See also, "Gandalf: Why He Never Cast Any Spells" and "There Are Only Five Wizards in Middle-Earth and They're All Kinda Weaksauce By Wizardly Standards?")

When the Runekeeper class was first introduced, the lore-monkeys all howled to heaven, and I was one of them. And I stand by my assertion that the Runekeeper should not have been added to the game. However, as the class is not gonna go away, and as I say, I've been wanting to do something very different, I decided, "What the heck?" Besides, I had a character and a personality in mind from the start, and of the LotRO classes, the Runekeeper is the only one who comes close. Lachwen is flashy, explosive, and wants to get in there and tear shit up. Her name, in Elvish, means "fire maiden," and yes, it is also a play on the MST3K episode, because I'm that big of a nerd. Shut up.

But, lore-breaker or not, I'm having a lot of fun with her, and I splurged on a lot of cosmetic items such to get her just right. I was sorely tempted by the Steed of Bright Days, as the only in-game mount garish enough to really suit her, but honestly, I can't bring myself to spend $20 on a fictional horse for my digital elf wizard to ride around on. I just can't do it. She'll just have to grind out the elf rep horse the hard way.

And also, lore-breaker or not, she's got me interested in playing again, which was really the point of the whole thing. Lachwen is a thrill-seeking, kickass girl (no "Undying" title for her -- she barely got past 7th level before biting off way more than she could chew in Dol Ringwest), and she's certainly a lot cooler than my previous attempt at a new alt, a Captain who got into his 30s and just sorta stuck there. How much cooler is she, you ask?

click through for larger

Eh ... I'd say about 20% cooler.

-The Gneech

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