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Starting Weight (May 30, 2018): 305
Goal: 222 by April 26
Current: 274 (32 weeks)
Weekly Target Rate: 2 lbs
Weekly Average: 1.0 lbs
Starting Waistline (Sep 18, 2018): 46"
Current: 44" (14 weeks)
Goal: 32" by April 26
Weekly Target Rate: 0.45"
Weekly Average: 0.1"
BP: 141/95

Not a lot of progress; I just haven't had the mental bandwidth to focus on this. I'm glad to not be backsliding, but I do need to recommit and start moving forward again.

The way my BP keeps being all over the map is something I'm not thrilled with either. It seems to be related to hydration and salt intake– the dryer I am, the higher the BP– and I have been dehydrated a LOT lately, seemingly regardless of how much water I drink.

So, gonna work on it.

Last week's waistline was almost 45", and today it's 44"... I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that's margin of error both ways. Until I see a trend in any direction, I'm assuming that hasn't really changed either.

-The Gneech

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