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This past coaching weekend's theme was "Spirituality," which tied in nicely with recent stuff I've been noodling around with in my incarnation studies. (I say "incarnation" instead of "reincarnation" because I've started trying to extend my experiences forward as well as backward, with some interesting results.) It's been a while since I went through the Brian Weiss video, so I decided to see what it got me this morning. Short answer? Spotty results.

Healing Color: Just a warm sensation at first. Nudging again to call forth a color gave me bright anime-beach-sky blue.

Garden: Got fixated on images associated with the anime-beach-sky-blue, and possibly dozed a little here, which made me lose the thread a bit. On the other hand, I got a neat idea for an art image.

In Utero: Again, just a warm sensation.

Beyond the Door: A small metal table and chair outside an apartment or villa (I couldn't see the building), on a small terrace in the side of a high hill overlooking water. I had the impression that it might have been Greece or Italy; it certainly had that Mediterranean vibe. I got glimpses of a medium-haired white cat trotting along ahead of me as I walked along, and my mind immediately went to Buddha, but I don't know if it was him or just reminded me of him. I didn't get any sense of "self," or even a solid context.

Spiritual Messages: None. I think I may have dozed here.

So, not the most dramatic session I've had.

On the other hand, I did have some thoughts stitching together timelines around what identified past lives I have experienced or connected to, and I have come up with this:

  • Today's Terrace. No "self." Time period unknown but fairly modern based on the style of the table and chair. May not be an incarnation at all.

  • The Long Haired Girl and the Japanese Man. As reported here. Time period unknown, details unknown.

  • The Horseman. As reported here. Colonial or Revolutionary period, possibly later, some town in a hilly/river valley area on the east coast of America. Male, white jodhpurs, black riding boots (no visuals besides that), at or near a bakery. 1700s or 1800s.

  • The Naval Officer. As reported here. Steam ship, later his own house on a rocky coast, Pacific Northwest or San Francisco bay area. Male, dark hair, naval beard. Strongest direct recall. Identified Inkblitz as another figure in the life. Mid- to late-1800s or early 1900s.

  • Robert E. Howard? Connection here is less direct experience so much as resonances in history, psychology, life themes, and physical appearance. It's always dicey to assert a connection with a historical figure, especially one who was so influential on your development in this lifetime. But having looked at it as objectively as one can look at this sort of thing, and discussed it with my counselor and some other folks interested in the topic, there's a fairly strong case here. Have tentatively identified Laurie, Kerry, and Hantamouse as other figures in the life. 1906-1936.

  • The Beatnik. (Encountered during regression hypnosis with counselor.) A bohemian writer living in New York or a similar locale. Popular among his friends, some kind of profound aesthetic or mystical experience around ruins/abandoned building in a forest or swamp, competent but unremarkable career. Presumably late 1930s - mid 1960s. Like Robert E. Howard, this would put him dying around 30, reasons as yet unknown. Counselor suggested drug overdose as a possible scenario, but that was just guess/intuition.

  • The Gneech. Current incarnation. Life of transition and many interesting (and challenging -.-) lessons, including a pretty significant psychological "death and rebirth" around age 30. >.> 1969 - ?

  • The Sporty Gal. What I suspect to be my next incarnation, based on meditations and self-reflection. Very little hard knowledge, which I suppose shouldn't be surprising considering it comes from the future, but a lot of what I'm going through now internally, seems to be in preparation for her.

So that's as far as I can see into the past and future. What it all means, is still up for grabs. But I want to record it, in the hopes of retaining it and finding more.

-The Gneech

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